Tips To Decorate Your Kitchen

December 15th, 2016 by HomeJimmy

Tips of decorating your kitchen

Kitchen is like heart of your home. If kitchen don’t look good then you don’t like to stay in it and it also affects your cooking skills. Of course you don’t like to eat when the food is not cooked properly. To avoid this daily food disaster, you need to keep your kitchen up to date. One of the ideas to make your kitchen interesting is to decorate your kitchen. Decorating your kitchen is not that of a big deal. Just see which are those things in your kitchen that looks old and dull? and then either replace it totally or make some minor changes in there. You can try changing certain kitchen appliances or your old kitchen cabinets or any such thing which can bring back your interest in your kitchen. Here are some of the tips of decorating your kitchen and bringing back its charm and beauty.

  • Add some accessories

Accessories are always a great way to decorate your kitchen. Just like we need good clothes to look good, your kitchen also needs accessories to look beautiful. Hence add some accessories and decorate your kitchen with it. You can add hanging art along with leaning frames and also a dishwasher for the small kitchens. You can also have a bright red colored stool as it adds funky element to your kitchen.

  • Show colors

Colors are one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen. You can try painting all your kitchen cabinets and make it look like new again. If not this then you can also try painting your walls for decorating your kitchen. You can try painting one wall with some really cool color and rest of the walls with simple color. This can shifty the focus of your kitchen on that wall and even when other things are not that good it will be covered because of the wall.

  • Change the appliances

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to decorate your kitchen is to change all the appliances. By doing so, you will get new appliances to use which will be better and having new and improved features which will make your work even easy and will also play a major role in decorating your kitchen. However it can be an expensive way to decorate your kitchen but it is more like an investment instead of expense.

  • Put some racks

Adding some interesting rack will work two ways for your kitchen. One of the benefits of adding rack is decorating your kitchen and another benefit of decorating your kitchen is to make some extra storage for the kitchen stuff. Racks are great for storing all the plates. You can also hang up your coffee mugs in the rack and you can also put some other vessels on the rack. Hence it’s a space saving yet and decorating option for your kitchen. Make sure to have a rack which goes well with your kitchen interiors or else it will look odd.

Tips on Carpet Stains Prevention

November 10th, 2016 by bestpracare
Carpet Stains cleaning with a sponge

Carpet Stains cleaned by home onwer

Carpet stains makes your home look dingy and dirty, and scrubbing the carpet stain might take lot of time and efforts of the home owners. It is advisable of keeping your carpet stain free by following the preventive tips. Carpet stains should be prevented as soon as possible for not letting it grow more or permanently. The following tips offer a deal of cleaning your carpet stains in a better way. States carpet stain cleaning tips are easy and simple that can be performed by any home owner at their home.

Carpet stains preventive tips:

  • Purchasing a carpet stain resistant treatment is advisable. Now a day’s most of the new carpets come with the features of stain resistant treatment. If your carpet doesn’t already have the treatment applied, you can easily purchase it from the market. A product namely Scotchgaurd can be used for applying on the carpet for avoiding the situation of stains.
  • Well it don’t guarantee of preventing your carpet from all types of stains but it offers a long way in protecting your carpet and helps to remove the stains easily go. Frequently vacuuming your carpet helps in preventing the carpet strains easily. It helps to remove the accumulated debris and dirt that you might not even able to see.
  • Dirt basically has abrasive effects on the carpet. It accumulates like a sandpaper on the stains observed on your carpet. And leaving such stains unattended might cause a permanent and unsight damaged over the time. It might also get darker as the time passes.
  • Areas in your home which are highly trafficked attract more dirt and debris as compared to other areas. Areas like Living room, stairs and bedroom are highly affected by traffic. Purchasing plastic carpet runners for protecting your carpet from stains proves beneficial for the home owners.
  • If not planning for it, you can definitely rent a steam cleaner that are available at many chain grocery stores. Considering purchasing plastic carpet runner first that helps in preventing the stains at beginning. It is made up of nonstick and clear plastic or rubber material. It also offers the feature of teeth and feet that helps to hold on underside to keep them placed on the carpet on its place.
  • It sounds perfect for those home owners having children or pets at home. It is inexpensive in nature and can be easily affordable. Giving the spills prompt attention doesn’t helps in preventing the spills totally but it reduces the changes of increased growth on the carpet.
  • It is advisable of not rubbing anything on the spills because it might increase the damage and stain on the carpet. Clean the spills quickly for enjoying a better carpet at your home. Rubbing might cause liquid to set in the fibers of the carpet and hence create a long lasting effect of stains.
  • Hiring a professional if you are not comfortable with cleaning the carpet stains is beneficial because he will work his best and act according to his knowledge and experience of the field.

Pros And Cons Of Gable Roof and Hip Roof

October 21st, 2016 by HomeJimmy
Gable roof vs hip roof

Comparison of gable roof and hip roof

Pitched roof which uses hip or gable as their choice are very much popular in areas where rain, snow and high winds are of big concern. Slant of the roof allows the snow and rain t side from the roof very easily and stops the water pond being formed on the roof and damaging it. There are various types of pitched roofs but basically they are installed under two categories, hipped roofs and gable roofs. There might be different designs but in general it adopts the design of gable roof only. The basic difference between them is that gable roofs has gable and contains two slanted sides whereas hip roofs has no gable and contains four slanted sides. Here is a comparative pros and cons of hip roof and gable roof.

Pros and cons of gable roof and hip roof

  • Structure complexity

As we seen hip roofs has two additional slides, it will have more complex structure as compared to that of gable roofs. Hip roof also has more components as compared to that of gable roofs. Even though both the types have only one horizontal ridge but then also hip roof requires more types of rafter than gable roofs. Gable roofs need only two sets of parallel rafters whereas hip roofs need more types of rafters that too of different sizes and length. This is the reason why structure of gable roof is simpler than that of hip roofs.

  • Construction cost

As hip roofs have complex structure, it takes more time for construction and that’s why contractors charge more fees if they are said to construct hip roofs. The variations needed for hip roofs components is also a factor which makes this roof more costly to construct. Contrary to this gable roof has simple construction and also takes less times to be constructed and hence the cost involved in gable roof construction is also less.

  • Resistant against weather

The slanted sides of both the types of roof make them greatly resistible against snow, rain, strong winds and hurricane. But when compared both of them as hip roof is slanted on all its sides, it is considered as more reliable for resisting weather situations. Here two gables, in case of gable roofs will act like a mast and will make the effect of hurricane even bad. Wind which comes from inside the roof will be able to easily peel of the roofing material and will also cause serious damage. For preventing this disaster from happening, you must make the roof design perfect and install strong wind braces for more safety.

  • Extra living space

There are several buildings which have attic and even more functional living space under the roof space. If you are going for installation of gable roof then you are available with much more space in attic. But you are opting for hip roofs then you will not be getting that much space. Gable roofs are more spacious as compared to that of hip roofs.


Creative Tips To renovate Your Home

August 14th, 2016 by HomeJimmy

Renovate your homeApart from the fact whether small or big, renovating your home is a great way to add considerable value to your home. While renovating your home, it is not necessary whether the renovations are small or big, the important thing is to make your home look good and have some good addition to it. Many of the times even big changes cannot make the home to look good and some minor changes can make drastic changes. The level of renovating your home and changes to make depends upon the condition in which your home is.  Here are some of the creative tips to renovate your home.

  • Insulation

One of the best tips for renovating your home is to insulate your home properly. Proper insulation is like a necessity and many homeowners pay focus on the insulation and opt for a home only if it has proper insulation. Thus if your home does not have sufficient insulation then while renovating your home, make sure you add enough insulation. Not having proper insulation is a big sign of unhealthy home and hence while renovating your home, you must have a proper insulation to be installed in your home. Proper insulation can save on your energy cost.

  • Add a deck

If you are availed with a room having a deck then it is by far the simplest way to add a nice amount of value to your home. It’s a great way to enable indoor outdoor flow in your home. Thus if you have any such room but you haven’t thought of adding a deck, then while renovating your home, you must add a deck to that room. A deck is the best way to get a personal outdoor space in your home. You can have a nice coffee sitting outdoors or you can read a book sitting on your deck or see the sunset enjoying on your deck. All the potential buyers will love this feature and hence while renovating your home, try to add a deck in your home.

  • Update your bathroom

When a bathroom is outdated, it will instantly leave a bad image on the mind of homebuyers. Thus while remodeling your home, put main focus on the bathroom. See the fixtures of the bathroom and if they look outdated replace them. Also check the cabinets and faucets and even lighting, if any of these looks outdated, take immediate step and replace them while renovating your home. If you are a handy person and can manage all of this easily then this renovation can be very much cost effective for you.

  • Refit the kitchen

Kitchen is like the heart of the house and a dirty kitchen is a big drawback for the whole house. A tidy, good looking and modern kitchen usually attracts home buyers a lot and hence while remodeling your home, make your kitchen up to date. Replace all those old and creepy appliances with new one. Paint your kitchen and change the cabinets, this can be enough for improving your kitchen.

Tips To Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

July 14th, 2016 by HomeJimmy

Remodeling your bathroomRemodeling your bathroom is a big project and you need to do certain research as to how to adjust space in your bathroom or how much it will cost remodeling your bathroom or which types of things should be installed and what things should be avoided. Without making the proper research of you opt for remodeling your bathroom, you will probably regret your decisions at the end of the project of remodeling t your bathroom. By listening to this things if your reaction is like what, hmm or huhh then don’t wonder that much as you are not the only person having such reaction. All the homeowners who are new to the project of remodeling your bathroom will have such reaction and men while the process they will be out of confusion and take the wisest decision while remodeling your bathroom. Here are some of the things to know before remodeling your bathroom.

  • Know how much remodeling your bathroom will cost

Before you start up with remodeling your bathroom, you must have a fair idea as to how much is your remodeling project going to cost you. Many times what you have expected the actual cost is far mo0re than that and hence it is advisable to know how much remodeling your bathroom is actually going to cost you. Decide your budget and allocate on how much are willing to spend on quality, how much you are going to spend on labor and how much you are going to spend on materials. This will help you a lot throughout the process of remodeling your bathroom.

  • Don’t let the toilet be first thing when you open the door

Any of the designers of bathroom will definitely try to avoid this scenario as you will definitely not want to see at the toilet when you enter into your bathroom. Apart from that many of the times you also leave the door of your bathroom open and when you enter the room and the first thing you see is your toilet, it will probably kill your mood. Thus try and avoid the first thing in your bathroom to be toilet. However classy and stylish your bathroom looks if the focal point is toilet then it will definitely not leave a goof image in the mind of the person seeing your bathroom.

  • Consider leaving the vintage finishes

The main and basic thing about remodeling your bathroom might be to get a fresh and new look for your bathroom but there will be always some things which are easy to replace than others. For example if you are having old home then there will be wall tiles and it has several coats of concrete thus when you think of replace them the labor cost of just replacing it can reach up to sky. Hence in such cases, it is advisable to put on the old things only instead of remodeling and making sky heighted expenses.

3 Tips of Selecting Right Dining Table

June 29th, 2016 by bestpracare

Tips of Selecting Right Dining TableWell, there are way more shapes and sizes which are available in the market of the dining table which you can go for fixing it in your home but the main or the core factors which you need to take in to account is to go for selecting right dining table for your home. I know it sounds somewhat old but we know that dining table is such a place whereby all the members of the home come together for having the meal together right? So, why not of going for selecting right dining table which can help you in many matters of getting the best furniture of your home? So it is advisable of going for such type of dining table which can be suitable enough in your home when you place it.

Well, this article will help you in getting deal with all the tips which can help you in the matters of going for selecting right dining table for your home. There are many things which you need to take in to account at the time of going for selecting right dining table for your home like the measuring of your dining table which you are going for selecting, the shape of your table, budget which you have decided for, etc. and many more of the things which are to be taken in to consideration by the home owners at the time of going f0or selecting right dining table for your home.

Tips of selecting right dining table for your home

  1. You might be thinking that what to take in to account at the time of going for selecting right dining table for your home right? But let me help you in these matters. The first thing which the homes owners must go for at the time go getting the dining table is the budget which is being decided by them. Budget is considered to be one of the most important factors because with the help of it you can go for the best quality of dining table which can look more enhanced in your home.
  2. Measuring is considered to be another thing which can help you in the matters of going for selecting right dining table for your home. many times we do not take in to account the size of the dining table and we get it in our home but the result is we are not being satisfies with the installation of it right? So it is considered to be mandate of measuring up the dining table which you want in your home because it will help you in getting all sorts of look which you are in need of.
  3. Not only that but you can also go for taking the help of the internet because there are way more designs which can help you in deciding that which type of dining table will be suitable in your home. There are many options which you can go for exercising in your home like round table, rectangular, square table, etc. which can help you in getting it installed in your home.

Types Of Window Treatment

May 28th, 2016 by HomeJimmy

Window treatmentThere are various types of window treatment and that’s the thing which makes you confused. Drapes or blinds? Shades or curtains? All these types of window treatment make you so much confuse as all of them looks good when applied to your window. But of course you cannot apply all of them altogether you have pick one of the types of window treatment which satisfies all of your needs along with making your room more beautiful and gloomy. While you are choosing the window treatment among all the types of window treatment, you should be putting more emphasis on what you need light or privacy. Here are some of the tips which will help you to choose the best window treatment among all types of window treatment.

  • Semi sheer window treatments

If you are looking for window treatment for a common space like living room or any family room then such space does not need any kind of privacy but it might require depending upon the number of windows it have. Your living room will look brightened with natural light coming in and thus among all types of window treatment, sheer window treatment will be most suitable as it avails your room with lots of natural light with bit of privacy also. While choosing the types of window treatment be careful while choosing the thickness of your fabric. If you want more light to peep into your room then choose less thick and on a contrary choose more thick fabric if you want les light to peep into your room.

  • Cellular shades

Places like bathroom especially if it is on the first floor, they need too much privacy. Places like this which needs maximum privacy are given window treatments like cellular shades. This window treatment is also called as up down or bottom up window treatment. Among all types of window treatment it is such a window treatment which offers maximum privacy. You can walk here are there without even been seen and still it offers a lot of light to enter into the room. It is constructed in a way that it keeps the cold out and allows the heat in.

  • Draperies

Bedrooms are such a place in the house which needs privacy but they do need natural light also. Thus if want to install window treatment in your bedroom, you can go for draperies. You can go for floor to ceiling draperies it will offer natural light and also privacy. There is an entire wall of fabric which will let the natural come in the room even when it is closed. Thus are the best types of window treatment among all for bedroom. You can install a track or drapery rod for installing floor to ceiling draperies on the ceiling or the wall which suits your room in a better manner.

  • Black out curtains

Having a baby to sleep in the middle of the day with high amount of sunlight can be difficult. But this can be possible with black out curtains to be installed in your room. These types of window treatments will create total darkness in the room allowing having a feel like night.

Space Saving Furniture in your Bedroom

January 11th, 2016 by bestpracare

Space Saving Furniture in your Bedroom..Everyone wants that their bedroom looks big and looks elegant when things are placed in there like the bed, the table, chairs, and closet, etc and many more things. Well it is difficult to have all in one bedroom but we can already try. Because we all know the fact that the size of the bedroom is being small and you want everything to be placed in there. But having the less space you need saving furniture in your bedroom which can let your bedroom looks bigger is size. Space saving furniture is many in the market; you just need to have the clear idea about which types of space saving furniture can be installed in your bedroom.

There are certain components which are to be included mandatorily in the bedroom like the bed, the closet, and the dressing table and many more of such things which is considered to be the mandate things which every home owners wish to be installed in their home. This article will help you to get better access up on the things which will help you to space saving furniture in your bedroom.

Space saving furniture in your bedroom

  • We all know that bed is considered to be the basic and the mandate requirement in any bedroom so it is considered to be the space saving furniture in your bedroom. You can go for smaller size of beds which are availed in the market which help you to get adjusted with the space which you require. You can also have the under bed storage in your bed which will increase the space of the unwanted things which are their in your bed can be kept in the storage which is installed in your bed.
  • The closet, yes. I mean nothing in the bedroom is more important than the closet. But yes, closet can also be taken in the place of space saving furniture in your bedroom. You can take the advantage of heighted closed which are also call as the wall wardrobe, make it narrow and heighted. This will give you better space of keeping all the things of its perfect manner which you like in your bedroom and will also add up on its space which you need in your bedroom.
  • You can make the use of over the door space storage which can be considered as the space saving furniture in your bedroom. As the walls are empty so you can use it in the form of supporting furniture which is no doubt a good option to exercise. Yes , you can keep many of your things which are in the bedroom on those over the door storage places which will increase the look as well create more of space in your bedroom.
  • You can have the multiple selection of lighting which not only enhance the look of your bedroom but also works as the space saving furniture in your bedroom. There is no need of having large types of lamps to be installed in your room but you can also use the wall, as the lamps can get fixed on the wall and increase the lightings in your bedroom.

Saw tooth Roof

July 14th, 2015 by bestpracare

saw-tooth roofSaw-tooth roof id a different type of roofing method which is not famous for installing in houses but it is more popular installing in industries where there is large space and workers are working on a regular basis. It is structured in a different manner ,it has pointed edges which are attested to the roof ridges for its durable. It has dual pitch on both the sides of the roof. The reason it is installed in the construction of industry from protecting the workers working in the industry from direct sunlight and hot temperature. It is useful in getting the natural light in the industry. But due to the use of artificial light its usage and construction was reduced. But as the preferences changed of people they started installing it because sunlight provides vitamins and fibers which are very much beneficial to the people.

It is having the row of continuous silicon roofing. The most preferable material which can be used in it are metals, steel, silicon, copper, etc. because they can be easily available in the market and suitable for the industry where it going to be constructed. Glass fibers are places at every saw of the side so that the air circulation can take its mark and the sunlight gets filtered and direct consumption of heat does not take place. It is very helpful for the industries for energy consumption, if there will be adequate light in the industry than less usage of electricity will be complied with and this will save energy of the industry

This roofing method is cost effective for the industries who are intending of installing it. Many new concept have been raised to change the styles and features of the roofing like there are cool roofs concept, eco friendly roofs which can generate a different image on the nature as well on the minds of the people. Mostly this roofing method is observed in metal sheets because it gives reflecting image to the windows installed in the roofs.

This concept of saw tooth roof involved in the late 19th century which created a drastic changes in the field of construction. Saw tooth roof was constructed because the concept of artificial light was not prevailing at that time so the natural sunlight helped the workers to work in the industry. Saw tooth roofing is easy method and cheap as compared to the other methods of roofing which suited the industrial zone.

Saw tooth roofing can also be constructed in bungalows but it can be only structured under the guidance of the roofing contractor that is this kind of roofing is suitable for your home or not. Its best use is to effectively use the day light for the purpose of work for the workers working in the industry. Saw tooth roof is highly durable in nature because it can last for more than fifty years if maintained in a proper manner. Professional roofing contractor knows the exact use of saw tooth roof, they know which is the exact position of installing the roof from which the day light can be utilized up to mist.

Pros and Cons of Modified Bitumen Commercial Roofing

June 21st, 2015 by HomeJimmy

Modified bitumen roofingIf you are constructing a new house or even if you are renovating your old house, roof is considered to be the most important part of it. Roofing and its materials are to be considered seriously. The material you opt for your roofing not only affects your budget but also your safety. It will also affect your maintenance costs, installation cost and many other costs also.

Many of the homeowners want to opt for something different than the usual one. They like to go for shallow angled roofs or flat roofs rather than going the same asphalt roofing. If you are on the way to construct or replace roof you must be aware of the basic three forms of roofing. These three forms are thermoplastic membrane, synthetic rubber roofing and modified bitumen.

In case of synthetic roofing, only a single layer of membrane of roofing is done by welding together lots of flat synthetic rubber pieces at their seams. In case of thermoplastic roofing the pieces are sealed together by bonding or melting instead of continuous membrane. If you are opting for the modified bitumen roofing, it is nothing but an advance edition of asphalt roofing. But this is more developed and forward version of asphalt roofing as it is better seal and it is also in self adhering form which doesn’t require any heat for sealing.

When compared with all other roofing materials, modified bitumen stands better as it has remarkable advantages and specifically stands out in all. But as we all know if anything has plus points it also has drawbacks. Let’s look out for some pros and cons of modified bitumen roofing.


  • Better in cold weather

Main advantage of opting modified bitumen roofing is that it works very efficiently in winters, specifically in extremely cold weather. This material is designed in such a way it remains flexible, even in those situation when mercury falls at freezing levels. It stays away from being brittle in extreme cold also. Thus it does not create cracks or leaks easily.

  • Low energy bills and carbon footprints

Modified bitumen roofing possesses the heat reflecting properties thus it keeps your home cooler, lowering your cooling costs. Modified bitumen roofing comes in light colors which is another reason why it stays cooler. Even if the day is hot your house stays cool leading to less usage of ac and lowering electricity bill.

This roofing material is recyclable. If the life of your roofing is at its end then the final end is not trashing it without any use. It can be recycled and it’s a great advantage to the environment.


  • Potential fire hazards

Previously the modified bitumen roofing consists of heated installation. Thus it can be danger as related to fire. It can be a fire hazard because most of houses consists wooden structure, furniture or wood flooring and wood catches fire very quickly. But with advanced technologies, this drawback has overcome. But still most manufacturers and homeowners go for cold adhesive and self adhering material.